2805, 2020

Super-foods 4

  Tomatoes – Loaded with Lycophene, which keeps heart healthy and protects against strokes. Also supports prostate in men. Can be eaten raw, cooked or in salads. Prunes – Prunes are dried plums. They are packed with polyphenols and help in boosting bone density. They can also help in bowel [...]

1905, 2020


There is actually no such thing as a superfood. I believe that all food from nature is a superfood. Also it is not good to eat plenty of one type of food even though it is deemed to be healthy. The best is a variety of natural foods daily in [...]

1805, 2020

Superfoods 3

Celery – Part of Apiaceae family. Contains a plant compound Apigenin which has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. Also contains a flavonoid Luteolin which has antioxidant and anti-cancer properties. Celery can also be used as a snack and because of its high fiber content can help in satiety and weight [...]