The word superfood has become overused. This title, which was originally intended for foods whose nutritional value considerably exceeded that of the average fruit or vegetable, that appears to offer additional health benefits above and beyond simple nutrition. Superfood is often a marketing term used to describe foods with supposed health benefits rather than an objective declaration of nutritiousness.

In general, superfoods have several commonly observed characteristics. They are calorie sparse, nutrient dense, and contain phytochemical properties known for certain disease prevention. People get fixated on the idea that it’s one particular type of food, such as berries, salmon, or nut that will change their health. They don’t realize that similar foods also have solid research and may cost less. Most of the superfood are originating from abroad, therefore, they are less available and more costly in Malaysia. Here are some alternatives which contained equally good nutrient value to the superfood, without paying top price.





Nutrients (per 100g food) Price
Calories, kcal Potassium, mg Vitamin C, mg Fibre, g Calcium, mg Iron, mg


Blueberry 57 77 9.7 2.4 6 0.3 RM6.90- RM15.90 / 125g
Budget alternatives Pineapple 45 97 15.2 1.4 24 1.4 RM3.50 / kg


Salmon 178 460 3.9 0 26 0.3 RM4.99 to RM9.90 / 100g
Omega 3


Budget alternatives Indian mackeral 122 370 0 0 18 1.1 RM11.90/ kg
Omega 3




Kiwi 46 18 86.7 1 27 0.4 RM6.99 for 5
Budget alternatives Guava 46 29 152 6.8 33 1.2 RM3.50 / kg


Wheatgrass 20 42 10 1 7.2 RM3.99 / 30ml
Budget alternatives Spinach 21 128 26 2.2 30 1.3 RM1.20 / 100g


Promeganate 83 236 10.2 4 10 0.3 RM6.00 / fruit
Budget alternatives Dragon fruits 436 14.5 0.9 8.8 RM2.50 / each

*source USDA, Msia Food Composition Database

Our lives revolve around food, we all want the healthiest, freshest, best-tasting food and of course buying them at a cheaper cost. Select locally grown foods, as they are fresher and more nutritious since they spend less time transporting to local markets or supermarkets, compared to their imported counterparts. Check out the night market or farmer’s market for cheaper deals on local produce, especially fruits and vegetables.

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