Prevent Binge Eating

Prevent Binge Eating

Here are some healthy tips to avoid overindulgence during this festive period :

  1. consuming a big, protein packed breaskfast

A wholesome breakfast to power start the day will help to keep your cravings bay for the rest of the day. It keeps you away from overeating.

  1. Don’t forget to include your drinks

Be mindful of the number of sugary drinks you are consuming. A can of Coca Cola contains about 140 calories; A can of beer about 150 calories; A 250ml packet of green tea contains 80 calories. Go for plain water instead f sugary drinks. Drinking plenty of water can help to fill up our stomach and reduce the food cravings.

  1. Stay away from your snacks

Visual cues often triggered cravings on our favourite foods and it’s just too irresistible not to nibble what’s next to you. So, try not to sit near the food and stay away from it.

4.Dont forget to sweat it out

Remember to continue on your gym routine to burn off those unwanted pounds

  1. Social with your friends

You can definitely stay away from the snacks while fully occupying yourself a conservation with your friends. So, start hanging around with your friends when you are bored to prevent yourself from snacking.

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